We have had the pleasure of serving Atlanta, Georgia - and now Florida - for nearly a decade, and during that time we have received accolades for our work, and letters of recommendation.


We have a few of those letters posted here, so you may see exactly what our clients say about us.


All letters are unedited reviews from our satisfied clients.


NOTE: Client letters are edited for punctuation and paragraphs breaks only. No other editing is performed, either grammatically or in terms of content.


All letters are posted with client consent only.




My husband and I have used Mike Hammersmith General Contracting for 4 large projects over the last 8 years.


Both in new construction and in renovation, he and his team have surpassed our expectations time and time again with their professionalism, eye for detail, honesty, and innate sense of style.



~ Jena and Steve Young




We consider ourselves so fortunate to work with Mike Hammersmith General Contractors!  MHGC's bid on our renovation was very thorough - and proved to be quite accurate in all the important variables, including costs and length of project.  


We had a great working relationship with Mike and our project lead, and we were very impressed with each of the sub-contracting teams.  


We absolutely love the finished product and plan to live in this home forever.  The bonus has been that we have maintained a great relationship with Mike, Walter, Jeremy, Christine and the rest of the team, and we continue to work with them on repairs and upgrades.  


We take these types of testimonials very seriously, as this is a big decision for any family (and we plan to be in Atlanta a long time and do not want to steer anyone wrong!).  


Please consider this a very positive reference for Mike Hammersmith General Contractors.



~ Mary Jane and Dave Kirkpatrick




Mike helped us finish and correct a significant renovation job started by another contractor. The job with the previous contractor was done poorly and required someone to come in and completely redo much of the prior work, and then finish the job.


Needless to say, we had a very bad experience with the previous contractor and wasted a large amount of money. It was, therefore, very important for us to choose a new contractor we could trust, who had the knowledge and experience to do the job right, and who understood that keeping costs down was important, particularly given our situation and the money we had spent for a job which was done incorrectly and had to be redone in large part before its completion.


We found that Mike and his team were very honest and trustworthy, very knowledgeable and hands on, and, most importantly, delivered on what he and his team had promised. The difference in working with the previous contractor and working with Mike and his team was night and day. The finished product was excellent and, if there was any question or concern which we had along the way, Mike and his team would respond right away with the information we needed.


I would say that Mike's strengths were his trustworthiness and ability to deliver exactly what we had discussed in exactly the price range we had discussed. Also, importantly, Mike and his team were very personable and a pleasure to deal with on a personal level. Mike and his team also had great follow through and helped us deal with the issues we had with the prior contractor, which was above and beyond the scope of our job. We would look forward to working with Mike again and would definitely recommend Mike and his team to others.



~ Janie and Rick Sager




No matter what the project is, residential remodel, commercial, new construction, the contractor stays the same; Mike takes it on the way I want.


We do unusual creative projects, they bring quality custom work, great people with a can do attitude.

One of these projects was recently featured on the cover of House Beautiful.


In any construction job the ability to have my contractor continue to handle any maintenance, small projects or such is priceless, I know if a tree fell on my house he would have a crew over there immediately.



~ Jill and Rob Brinson




Mike Hammermsith GC has done a number of renovation projects for me in two houses


In my current home, the screen porch and basement renovation that Mike built have become the focal point of the house. Both of these projects were done with Mike's ideas and no drawings.


Mike has an ability to figure out solutions to problems and has the experience to recommend concepts that homeowners would not think of. Multuple times Mike has said "trust me" when he tried to explain a renovation that I did not understand. Those details have inevitable turned out to be the best part of the job.


Another important aspect is Mike actually answers his phone when I call him during a job. This fact alone separates him from other contractors.


~ Tyler Edgarton




My wife and I planned to build the home in which our family would grow up and we would grow old. After our architect completed our plans, we chose Mike Hammersmith based on his bid and the quality of work he had done for friends.


A custom home is a complex project and Mike Hammersmith’s team did a great job of bringing everything together and creating solutions for every design challenge we presented them.


Our home has been wonderful to live in. We have had very few items that required follow up and the few that did were addressed without any hesitation on Mike’s part.


We have appreciated the fact that Mike and his team were reliable and consistent throughout the project.


~ Wade McKenzie